ISLAMABAD - Pakistan said that it has received only positive reaction from the international community to its very focused and comprehensive military operation in North Waziristan to eliminate terrorism.

“There has been no specific communication about the military operation in North Waziristan, which is our internal matter. We have seen only positive reaction to Pakistan’s military operation in North Waziristan,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam told a weekly press briefing on Thursday.

She further said that Pakistan maintains regular contacts and conversations with all the capitals of the world, including Beijing and Moscow. “You know that with Beijing, our interactions have been multi-dimensional and with Moscow also our interaction is increasing,” she added.

Commenting on media reports about US drone strike in North Waziristan early today, she said she has no confirmation as yet about the veracity of these reports. “Our position on drone strikes is very clear. In the specific context, we have said that drone strikes would complicate our efforts to eliminate terrorists,” she remarked.

On question of why Pakistan has not made appeal for international assistance to cater to humanitarian needs for the IDPs from North Wazisritan, Tasnim said Pakistan has neither made nor intends to make a request for international assistance.

“It has been made very clear that all expenditures related to temporarily displaced Pakistanis will be met from our own resources,” she said, hoping that after the operation is over, the people who had left their area will go back to their homes in North Waziristan. “Our own resources will be mobilised to settle them and to restore their normal life. We have very clear instructions from the prime minister that we will not seek outside assistance,” she added. On the other hand, the UN has on its own made worldwide appeal for humanitarian aid to contribute in the well being of IDPs from North Wazirsitan on June 24 and consequently, a number of countries, including the USA, UAE and South Korea have so far made contribution worth of millions of dollars.

When her attention was drawn towards Indian government order to the UNMOGIP to vacate it’s building, the spokesperson said that asking the UN Observers to move out of a building or payment of rent is inconsequential in the context of the status of Jammu and Kashmir. She argued that there was a reason why UNMOGIP is present in the first place. Asking them to move out of the building does not abolish the mandate, which was given by the UN Security Council in 1951 under Resolution 91.

“As long as the Kashmir dispute is not resolved, the UNSC mandate remains. These measures are inconsequential and they do not have any impact on the legal status of the dispute,” she observed.

On question of resumption of bilateral talks between Pakistan and India, she recalled that two foreign secretaries were directed to meet and look at how the process of dialogue is to be taken forward.  “The meeting will take place in not very distant future, though I cannot give you the exact date. The meeting will give indication where this process is headed. So we will not like to pass a judgment right now,” she added.

Commenting on media reports that government of China has imposed restriction on fasting on Chinese Muslims, she said the Chinese have clarified that there is no such ban on fasting and that they respect the freedom of religions.

About Israeli brutalities on Palestinians, she said that Pakistan has condemned it and called upon the International Community to intercede to stop the genocide of Palestinians by Israel.

“At this difficult time we stand by Palestinians. We support the two states solution, paving the way for a viable, geographically contiguous Palestinian state, created on the basis of pre-1967 borders with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital,” she added.