LAHORE - PML-N has decided to reach out to the Ulema and Mashaikh to muster up support against the long march of PTI and the protest move of PAT.

Well informed sources in the party confide that Ulema Wing and the workers organisations of the PML-N concerned over the drive the said two parties have launched against the govt. They said these wings convey their concerns to the party high command in a meeting wherein a decision was taken to reach out to ulema and religious scholars to get them together on what they state unethical and baseless campaign and protest movement launched by the rival parties.

The sources say the party can soon call a meeting of the Ulema and Mashaikh to bring them home on what is the objective of anti-government movement of the PAT and the PTI.

 Party sources say the ambition of Dr Tahirul Qadri for overthrowing the govt is a special matter of worry for the Ulema Wing as Qadri had himself been a member of the Parliament during the Musharraf rule.

Later Qadri gave a fatwa against Taliban activity and now when the military operation is on to eliminate them why he wants to throw a spanner in the government efforts even bypassing what he had himself said.