ISLAMABAD - Nepra has issued the approvals in upfront tariff and adjustments/ indexations for Thar coal power generation projects for delivery of electricity to the power purchaser.

According to the document, capacity charge for the duration of 1-10 years, for the plants up to 330 MW the prices of electricity would be Rs 3.673 /KW/hour for foreign financing, whereas for local financing it would be Rs 4.96. For 660 MW foreign financing charges would be Rs.3.66, and for local it would be Rs.5.12. For 1100 MW the rates for foreign financing would be 3.41, and for local it would be Rs.4.77. For 660 MW it would be the same for foreign financing but for local it would be Rs2.1958. For 1100 mw capacity charge would be Rs1.86 for f. financing, whereas for local it would be Rs.2.0480 Energy charge for a time period of 1-10 years 330 MW, variable charge would be Rs 2.098 per kilowatt hour, whereas for fixed energy, charge would be Rs2.9567. For 660 MW variable charge would be Rs. 2.0392 whereas fixed would be Rs2.8056. For 1100MW the variable energy charge would be Rs2.0115, and for fixed charge it would be Rs2.7355.