MAY 8, 2013: Zaka Ashraf elected as PCB chairman. In keeping with traditional practice in Pakistan, Ashraf was originally appointed by then-president Asif Ali Zardari but reforms demanded by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the game's governing body, meant he had to undergo election.
MAY 28: The Islamabad High Court suspends Ashraf, saying the election to choose him were "dubious" and a fresh one should be held.
JUNE 23: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appoints veteran journalist Najam Sethi as the PCB 's interim chairman, a month after coming to power in general elections.
OCTOBER 15: Sharif takes over as PCB patron following an amendment in the national constitution which gave powers to the PM, and appoints a PCB management committee with Sethi as chairman.
JANUARY 15, 2014: A court appeal bench restores Ashraf as PCB chairman.
FEBRUARY 10: Sharif once again sacks Ashraf, appoints Sethi as PCB 's committee chief.
MAY 17: Islamabad high court appeal bench restores Ashraf again.
MAY 21: The Supreme Court gives a stay order suspending the high court's restoration of Ashraf, bringing Sethi back as PCB chief.
JULY 10: Sharif appoints former judge Jamshed Ali Shah as interim PCB chief to hold elections for a permanent chairman within 30 days. Sethi removed again as a result.