It is sad that the Government has propagated the Protection of Pakistan Act (PPA) for 2 years. This act means that Pakistan’s judiciary has failed. Otherwise hadthe judiciary been strong, it would have created a law and order situation, provided protection to the people.We would not have needed to resort to such harsh acts. Pakistan has very weak internal laws. Our parliamentarians are more involved in funds and infrastructure projects, than in creating laws. Although, the primary job of the parliamentarian is to work on laws, but without any local bodies, the parliamentarians are forced to spend time on infrastructure projects for their regions.

The judiciary does not use the latest technology for investigation. They still rely on documents and witness statements.While the judges do use latest technology in IT such as Facebook, emails, and the internet for their personal use, they do not let the courtroom become an enlightened place. It is still dark and murky with illegal and bought evidence. Although I strongly believe that we need to ensure that all criminals are arrested, prosecuted and sentenced, doing it through a ‘shoot to kill’ law is wrong.It basically means that the country’s parliament and judiciary is too lazy to do their job.


Peshawar, July 9.