ISLAMABAD - The Shohada Foundation on Thursday filed an application in the Supreme Court for early hearing of a petition pertaining to extra-judicial killings of students and other in the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa premises.

The foundation stated that the petition had been pending in the Supreme Court since July 2007 and on different dates the case was heard, but after the enforcement of PCO 2007 the proceedings discontinued after 3rd November 2007.

After four years the case was fixed and a judicial commission, comprising Justice (retd) Shahzado Sheikh, was constituted on 04-12-2012 to probe the matter and submit a report within 45 days. The commission conducted inquiry and submitted a detailed report.

On 18-04-2013, after examining the report the apex court allowed to make the report public and directed Tariq Asad; “to go through the contents of the report and assist the Court in further proceedings in the matter according to law.”

In compliance of the court order Tariq Asad submitted his comments in May, 2013 and the case was fixed on four dates, but that was left over and not fixed after August, 2013.

The foundation’s stance is that besides the suo moto case another constitutional petition No. 54/2007 clubbed with the former case is also pending wherein the constitutionality of ‘Silence Operation’ had been challenged.  It said the matter pertains to a very important incident took place exactly seven years ago in July 2007 and an FIR for the murder of Ghazi Abdul Rashid had been registered against Pervez Musharraf, the proceedings of which are in progress in the Court of Additional Session Judge Islamabad. The Shohada Foundation prayed that the suo moto case No. 09/2007 might be fixed on any date in the next two weeks commencing on 14-07-2014 as convenient to the Court.