Taylor Swift has been spotted spending time with Steven Spielberg, sparking rumours they may collaborate.

The country singer has made no secret of her love of acting and has scored a role in upcoming movie The Giver, directed by Phillip Noyce. There is speculation she is keen to land a more prominent part after she was spotted dining with the Oscar-winning director.

‘Taylor and Steven were in deep conversation the whole time,’ an insider told New York Post. The meeting took place at the East Hampton Grill on Monday and was apparently quite relaxed as Steven’s wife Kate Capshaw, stepdaughter Jessica Capshaw and some members of his team were there too. Not to be outdone, Taylor also brought some pals along with her.

‘Her entourage included four girls and a skinny guy with a moustache,’ the insider said.

It wasn’t the first time Taylor and Steven have spent time together; they were previously introduced at a charity gala. This time around it was Kate who kicked things off by asking Taylor and her friends if they would like to dine with her and Steven. It seems things went well, as the two groups were together for around two-and-a-half hours.

Taylor’s first big screen role in The Giver is a good one, as the movie also stars big names including Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges and Alexander Skarsgård. It is about a community that doesn’t have war, suffering or pain, and which selects a young boy to go and spend time with an elderly man who will teach him about the real world.

The singer’s character is called Rosemary, with the author of the book it is based on, Lois Lowry, sure people will warm to her. ‘I have a copy of the movie in its final stages here on my computer, and I had my two grandsons here for the Fourth of July weekend - they’re 13 and 15 - and I showed it to them - probably against the rules - anyways, I asked them was there anything special that they liked best and one of them selected the scene with Taylor Swift,’ she told