LAHORE  - The Punjab government has issued the seniority lists of the provincial officers belonging to Punjab Secretariat Service (PSS) and the Provincial Civil Service (PCS).

Sources in the S&GAD said that a tentative list of the officers has been issued because the government intends to make course mandatory for promotion from BPS 17 to BPS 18.

The Punjab government wanted to send 30 officers including 21 from the PCS group and 9 from the PSS group, as per the 7:3 ratio on the course, sources said, adding, some 106 officers from the PSS and over 112 officers from PCS were said to be on the list. Moreover, Provincial Selection Board-II that promotes officers of various departments like health, education etc from grade 17 to grade 18 is likely to meet on 15th July, a source confided to The Nation. Though, he refused to share information that whether the S&GAD officers’ cases were on the agenda or not. However, he said often such cases are included as a table agenda as per the tradition.

An officer of the S&GAD seeking anonymity said after the nomination of officers including the section officers for training mandatory for promotion to BPS 18 the real picture would be clear. He said only 20 officers of the PCS and 48 of the PSS would remain in the pool waiting for promotion which speaks volumes of discrimination. He said if the promotions were made as per the cadre strength such a situation could be avoided which was a major loss to the Secretariat group. He further said that earlier, the Punjab Service Tribunal (PST) had allowed a petition filed by the former Punjab Secretariat Service (ex-PSS) officers, a faction of provincial service officers, against former Punjab chief secretary Nasir Mehmood Khosa’s decision on disputed promotion share.

The PST in its short verbal order, after completing the hearings spanning a year, allowed the appeal and ordered the provincial administrative boss, the chief secretary, to send the recommendations to the competent authority, the chief minister. The CS forwarded the same to the CM, as the sources confirmed. But, at the same time, also convened a much delayed meeting of Provincial Selection Board-1 after the Lahore High Court allowed the meeting of PSB to promote officers of grade 18 and above, however, making it conditional to the final outcome of the writ petition.

The apex court, later, suspended the PST decision. And the Punjab government convened Provincial Selection Board-I and promoted officers of BPS 18 and above.