An investigative team of a private TV channel has exposed many crimes. If this had happened anywhere else in the world, heads would have rolled. But in Pakistan no such action has taken place against people who have been unmasked as criminals. When the crime is food related it becomes even more heinous. They showed that some factories were sealed but what happened to them afterwards remains a mystery. Do we have a Health Department, and if we do what is their job? They should have taken strict action on Federal and Provincial levels against the culprits. Why has no minister been sacked or arrested? The executive, the third pillar of the State is crumbling! Our Ministers, MNAs, MPAs and Senators do not eat the same things the common man eats. They are unaware about just how unhygienic the food is. Those involved must be held accountable and strongly reprimanded for such crimes. We don’t want a democracy where no one takes responsibility for any action. We want to see people who commit a crime, pay for it! Such unscrupulous traders have the backing of strong and powerful political figures due to which corruption can never be weeded out of our society!


Attock, July 6.