Hundreds of daily-wage workers of bone-crushing factories protested against the low wage, unavailability of medical facilities and social security here on Ahmad Nagar Road here the other day.

They demanded increase in wages, provision of medical facilities and social security facility. They demanded that the factories owners should give minimum salary as per announcement of the government and protection equipments and gear should be provided to the workers to ensure their safety during work hours.

They said that eleven bone crushing factories had been working for grind bones and prepare gelatin for industrial, medical and food use and also export propose. They alleged that the owners of the factories were earning millions of rupees but paying only Rs320 as wages to the workers of the factories.

The workers said that they were working in polluted environment, smoke, gases and ill smell of raw bones which cause asthma and TB among workers. No safety measures have been exists in the factories. There is no social security for labour and medical facilities, they added.

They said that majority of workers were patients of Asthma, TB and other diseases due to sever pollution and unhygienic conditions in side factories.

When contacted, the factory owners stated that many taxes had been imposed on them hence they were unable to increase wages of the workers.  “We are facing heavy energy crises and working in factories is very limited. We have kept our labour busy to earn their livelihood despite partial work in factories”, they argued.