The district administration and police officers asked the religious scholars to ensure religious harmony, peace and brotherhood and join hands with the government in eradication of terrorism from the country.

They claimed that all the management committees of the district mosques, Imambargahs, churches and Madaris have been reorganised and directed to adopt foolproof security system measures.

During a peace committee meeting at DCO Office, DPO Awais Ahmed and DCO Hafiz Shaukat Ali sought cooperation of religious scholars and the general public in maintaining peace and weeding out terrorism from the society.

The DPO urged the religious scholars to shun differences and work for the promotion of religious harmony. ADCG Usman Khalid, AC Dr Saifullah Bhatti, DSP City Ashanullah Shad,All the DSPs, Acs, SDO Wapda Furqan Ali, Maulana Abu Haraira, Mufti Dr Aqeelur Rehman Pirzada, Gulzar Abbas Naqvi, Rana Muhammad Afzal and others notables also spoke.

Hafiz Shaukat stressed a need for adopting solid steps to avoid terror activities. He said the district administration was making efforts to efface the malaise. He also said the situation was now under control and returning toward normally.

However, Ulema urged the government to take steps to avert terrorism in the country. They also pledged to make sincere efforts to promote religious, peace, brotherhood and unity and join handds with the government in weeding out terrorism from the country. DPO Awais Ahmed said that the 45 Majalis and 11 processions were emerged from Jatoi, Kotaddu, Rangpur, Sher Sultan. Seetpur, Bait Mir Hazar Khan, Khangarh, Muzaffargarh City and Alipur in Muzaffargarh District. However, 936 constables, 08 DSPs, ,21 inspectors, Uper Subordinate 196,Lady Police 65 and 600 Police Qaumi Razakars were deployed with the processions. The security personnel were deployed at the nearby high-rise buildings to guard the mourners.

Police, bomb disposal squad and officials of the special branch and other law-enforcement agencies were on-duty along the route while the procession was monitored through closed-circuit cameras.

Only the vehicles with special passes were allowed to enter the route of the procession. All shopping malls and other business activities remain closed on the city’s main artery main bazaar when the procession reached there. There was no ban on the pillion riding in Muzaffargarh.