By Rawal Ahmed

“A Bully never grows up”. Yesterday, I was going through a proverbs book , I just skimmed through this proverb and then stopped for a moment , a film of my ten years schooling started revolving in my eyes.

This proverb seems very general but in fact it is not because the instance that I am going to present is an embodiment of this proverb. When I was in fourth standard at my school, a new boy came to our class, very silent, obedient and brilliant. Our class teacher soon realized his potential and started giving him an extra edge in each matter, means he started behaving like a deputy teacher with other boys in the class.

Now this ‘deputy teacher’ found his fun in another child, who had a runny nose and used to spit slightly while talking. Here I am giving the names ‘A’ to the boy who was behaving like deputy teacher and ‘B’ to the boy who had a runny nose always to describe this instance of bullying clearly.

Now whenever the class used to be without teacher, the boy ‘A’ along with his gang used to tease and bully boy ‘B’. Time passed on and eventually boy ‘B’ quit the school in despair. Now the boy A, who had become habitual of bullying others became “Bully- less’ means he had no victim now. So he adopted a new way to bully other boys who were slightly weak in health or height. Until this schooling reached to end.

The boy A, who once, got admission in school used to be obedient and brilliant now just remained an average scorer. He did even worse in college according to the last reports which I received about him from other fellows. Being a school boy, I used to contemplate ‘Oh, How tormentor he is to others! He can torment any other buddy of class’.

But now after ten years, I realize that, yes many boys became victim of his bullying but in fact, he himself was a victim of someone. He was in delusion; he had been addicted of bullying others. That addiction remained till his teenage, until he did not devastate his studies.

Nevertheless, may I ask you, who was his destroyer? Whose victim he was? Yes, he was the victim of the teacher, whom, he met as a decent, obedient, and brilliant student. That teacher did not only give him the charge of the class but also supported his bullying and his primacy to other children. She might have not thought at that time, how much bullying habit will victimize this boy A in his future.

Hence in a nutshell, I would like to come upon on the remedies of ‘Bullying’. Now being a teacher from last four years, I have observed, only teacher is the one, who can make his or her class ‘Bullying free’. How can he do so?  The answer is by consulting children on daily basis for few minutes at the end of each school day, keeping an eye on the matters among the children and reminding them every now and then about the harms of bullying. If a teacher follows such directions, bullying can never enter in to the class of any school.

Furthermore parents can also play a pivotal role in the stoppage of bullying by maintaining a close and friendly relationship with their children and by making their children realize that being bullied is never the fault of that person, who is being bullied, where as in fact it is a disease of that person who is bullying others. If this disease of bully is not cured at right time he will never be able to grow up and his all good qualities get perish gradually.

Thus  the instance which I have presented of boy A and boy B proves the title of this article .The boy who was being bullied leaves the school in despair and the boy who used to bully others reached to his despaired fate and could not grow up mentally. Hence it was a two sided loss.