LAHORE - Pakistan deaf cricket team head coach Nadeem Zafar Gondal has said that being a pioneer of deaf cricket, the Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association (PDCA) has started striving to get Deaf International Cricket Council (DICC) affiliated with the International Cricket Council (ICC) soon.

In an interview with The Nation, Nadeem, who himself is a first class cricketer, said: “In the recent annual general meeting of Deaf International Cricket Council (DICC) held in Dubai at the ICC headquarters, the representative of deaf associations of six countries including Pakistan, England, South Africa, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were present and the meeting was chaired by PDCA president Abdul Salam, who is also DICC chairman. They urged the ICC to affiliate the DICC with them upon which the international cricket body asked them to have 10 members associations on board who must be affiliated with their hearing cricket boards. Whenever this process will be completed, they will be granted ICC affiliation.”

The deaf head coach said that Pakistan deaf association was eager to promote deaf cricket around the globe, therefore, they had been working hard for its affiliation with the ICC. “As soon as the ICC affiliates the DICC, there will be at least 10 member deaf associations who will have affiliation with their hearing cricket boards which will help the deaf players and organisers to get recognised internationally. The purpose of doing this is to promote deaf cricket globally and provide opportunities to deaf cricketers to excel at higher level.”

“We have five deaf associations who are affiliated with the hearing boards. The deaf associations of Pakistan, England, South Africa, Afghanistan and Australia are duly affiliated with their respective cricket boards while the deaf associations of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada and Nepal will soon get affiliation with their respective boards and before our next annual general meeting, we will approach ICC to affiliate the DICC with them,” he added.

Nadeem, who had played professional league of Kenya and attached with deaf cricket for last 10 years (2005), said that the PDCA under the dynamic leadership of its president Abdul Salam and his team had been progressing a lot and producing fruitful results since the formation of the association.

Nadeem, who is also regional head coach of Beaconhouse School System under whose coaching Beaconhouse won the 1st LRCA Commissioner Cup 2015 which was participated by more than top 20 schools of the city, said: “Pakistan deaf cricket team played its first series against India in April 2005 where five ODIs were played and Pakistan won it 4-1. In the last ODI of this series, four world records were made. After that Deaf World Cup was played in November 2005 where Pakistan lost in semi-finals against India. In August 2006, Pakistan deaf team visited England, where we won ODI series against them, lost the T20 series and drew the Test series. “In 2007, first Deaf Asia Cup was played in Mumbai, where we defeated India in the final and lifted the coveted Asia Cup trophy. In 2012 in Lahore, the second Asia Cup was also won by Pakistan after defeating Sri Lanka in final. Under my coaching and PDCA chairman Abdul Salam’s sincere efforts, Pakistan deaf team has been consecutively producing extraordinary results and earning laurels for the country. The PCB has also great contributions in promoting deaf cricket and they have been continuously helping us in achieving our goals and tasks. Under the leadership of PDCA chief Abdul Salam, Pakistan deaf cricket future is quite bright and I hope in next events, the team will continue giving fruitful results and earn good name and fame for the country at international level,” he concluded.