Kabul: The insurgents have reportedly seized control of another Afghan National Army (ANA) post in Dand-e-Ghori district in northern Baghlan, local officials said on Saturday.

This was said to be the last post being collapsed into the hands of the Taliban in the district, a member of Provincial Council of Baghlan, Bimillah Atash said.

He warned of further deteriorated situation if reinforcement troops were not deployed to the area.

The security officials, however, are yet to comment on the fall of the security post.

The clashes began about two weeks ago in the district when insurgents carried out a coordinated attack on the security posts.

Earlier, the tribal elders had also warned collapse of the district.

Over the past few months, the insurgents have increased their activities in northern parts of the country and are targeting police posts. They have also captured a number of districts over the period.

Courtesy TOLO News