LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Friday sought reply from the Punjab government in a petition seeking legislation to take action against the officials of the health department who failed to take effective measures to control measles in the province.

Advocate Azhar Siddique had filed the petition and stated that political interference had ruined health department and it must be depoliticized. He said that the department should not be a part of a political government and a special regulatory authority should control the health matters.

He said it was a need of the day that a special law be promulgated, which in any case must not be a part of the political government and their appointments and other matters were to be controlled by any parliamentary committee.

The counsel said officers of the health department had been working for international heath organizations after taking official leaves and earning huge money. He said the government should terminate such officers.

After hearing arguments of the petitioner’s counsel, the court sought assistances from the federal and provincial law officers. The Court will resume until July 15.

TYNO SYRUP CASE: The LHC sought health police from the Punjab government in a petition seeking action against the responsible for killings due t Tyno Syrup.

The judge expressed serious concerns over the serious negligence of the health authorities and observed that medicine manufacturing laboratories had been established in streets. A drug inspector told the court that 18 drug inspectors were serving in Lahore and take action if they received any application against any manufacturer.

Advocate Azhar Siddique said that 50 thousands more licenses had been issued while 6 hundred brands were registered which showed the apathy of the health department.

After haring both sides, the court issued notice to Punjab Health Department and sought health policy. The court adjourned the hearing until July 28.