ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik has expressed annoyances and displeasure over the Indian prime minister's rude attitude while meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharrif.

In strong words, Senator Rehman Malik has condemned Indian Prime Minister Modi for his undiplomatic and inappropriate attitude. "Pakistan is a sovereign nuclear state and has always desired good relations based on mutual respect with its neighboring countries but unfortunately on the other side, Indian prime minister has always expressed hate against Pakistan which is strongly condemnable," he added.

Rehman Malik said that the recent meeting of Narendera Modi with Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharrif clearly demonstrates how much disrespectful Modi was towards Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif.

Commenting on the meeting, he said that Modi acted like the 'Tsar of Russia' while receiving prime minister who was made to walk through a long corridor towards Modi's chair/thrown who didn't show the slightest courtesy under the diplomatic norms for his Pakistani counterpart to walk a few steps forward to receive him.

"The rude and undiplomatic attitude of Modi while meeting our Prime Minister has badly hurt the feelings of Pakistani nation and he is being condemned strongly for it," said Rehman Malik.

He added that it is not for the first time while time and again Modi has expressed his hate for Pakistan and recently during his visit to Bangladesh he confessed the involvement of his country in breaking Pakistan in 1971. "Modi should not forget that it is not 1971 but we are now living in an era when Pakistan is a nuclear powerful state with world strongest and most capable Army that can retaliate more fiercely beyond one imaginations," he commented.

He said Indian PM should play a positive role towards the progress and peace across the border and region rather strengthening enmity and hate between two neighboring countries. He asked the Indian peace-loving people and the political leadership to condemn Modi for his inappropriate and undiplomatic behavior that results into hate nothing but else.

He also asked the Government of Pakistan to protest against Modi's undiplomatic and inappropriate attitude on diplomatic level.


Welcoming the meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, Senator Sherry Rehman said on Friday that the PPP has always supported a constructive peace process, yet the joint statement issued after such an important meeting should have reflected Pakistan's concerns clearly and precisely as well. Right now, it is one sided.

"We welcome PM Modi to the SAARC summit, and we support PM Sharif's peace efforts, but breakthroughs in the bilateral relationship can only be achieved when concerns from both sides are successfully communicated," said the Senator, adding, that otherwise, such initiatives fall short of sustainable peace.

She said that muscular articulations from the BJP government cannot and should not act as deterrents to dialogue on issues of actual concern, nor can operational exchanges divert attention required on them.

However, maintaining an uninterruptable dialogue is not predicated on accepting only one side's concerns. Pakistan is bravely fighting terrorism at home and international forums should be used better than this for advancing Pakistan's bilateral concerns.

Sherry said the PPP welcomed Pakistan and India's entry to the SCO and said that now the attention of the world was on the region, of which Pakistan and India are the linchpin.