A: Did you look at the two of them at the restaurant, with their heads huddled together, deep in conversation? I think they are in a relationship.

S: Why must you always assume that if a man and a woman are hanging out alone they are involved romantically? They are just friends, trust me on that.

A: There is no such thing as ‘we’re just friends’ between a guy and a girl. It is simply against Shariah. And for good reason too. Look at this increasing rape culture. It’s because of women’s utter disregard for their own safety, and trusting in strangers in the name of “friendship.”

S: If you want to talk about trust, talk about all people regardless of gender. There are good people and there are bad people. Why should a girl refrain from having a decent and meaningful conversation with a boy, just because he’s the other gender? Shall everyone start looking at the other as a potential rapist? How will society progress without the element of some degree of trust?

A: For society to progress its not necessary that men and women should interact openly and without boundaries.

S: And I suppose you can define the boundaries of human feeling and/or a spiritual connection between two individuals regardless of gender?

A: Immorality is prevalent because of people like you who cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

S: I can distinguish just fine. Worry about your own soul not other peoples’.