Though the district administration established 10 Ramazan bazaars throughout the district to provide standard daily-use items, it remained failed to honour its pledge in this regard as there was no difference in the prices of goods as compared to those at markets, the local people regretted.

“The vendors have been selling low-quality commodities at high rates. They have not displayed price lists in front of their stalls. They are selling low standard items in the bazaars. The unchecked high prices of vegetables, dates, fruit and other commodities at these bazaars are keeping the poor away from these bazaars. The people are avoiding going these bazaars due to low standard and high prices of item,” they said.

The customers complained that low quality flour is also being sold in these bazaars. Unhygienic meat is also being sold in these bazaars.

The butchers are selling meat of sick animals in the bazaars to earn money. By using meat of sick animals, many diseases may spread in the area.

Sanitation condition in these bazaars is very poor. There is no proper cleanliness system as the heaps are scattered here and there and there are no proper arrangements to keep bazaars clean. Dogs and cats are wandering openly in these bazaars. The administration has not built latrines to provide facilities to the customers.

The people demanded the authority to take strict action against those who are involved in overcharging and other wrong practices. The concerned authorities are not paying attention to solve these problems. They are only playing a role of silent spectators.

PROJECTS COMPLETE: The Council for Social Development has completed two educational and water projects in Union Council Kot Murad of Tehsil 18-Hazari in collaboration with HANDS.

Executive Director Sajid Sial said that under the project, it has built two schools in Union Council Kot Murad to educate the children of this backward area. He expressed that a large number of water hand pumps have been installed under the project to provide water to dwellers of the desert areas.

HANDS Pakistan Executive District Manager Aamir Naseem said that the project was part of Flood Emergency Response Punjab 2014 which has been completed with the collaboration of its partner organization. District Coordinator Jahanzeb Qaiser and Syed Ali Abbas were also present.