The Divergent stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley share an amazing chemistry onscreen and behind the camera. The two stars are involved in relationship rumors. However James and Woodley both share their own personal and private relationship outside work. The 30 year old Theo James said that there’s more to come between him and Shailene Woodley.

Divergent : Allegiant is almost a year away to hit the screens but the Divergent fans are anxious to see Tris and Four share the screen once again. Most of the success of the ‘Divergent’ series is attributed to the fan’s of Veronica Roth’s series, but part of its success is due to the amazing chemistry that the two leads, Theo and Shailene share.

While there fans hope for a relationship between the two in real life between James and Woodley, they both will settle for friendship beyond the cameras.

Theo James recently stated: “In a nice way, Shai and I – it’s a slow burn. We are 100 percent good friends, but it’s a slow burn thing; I think there’s still more to come. At least I hope so,”

Woodley and James always share good words about each other whether they are together or not. 30 year old Theo said that he thinks of Shailene as a great actress, who continues to grow as a person.

Recently Woodley’s co star Allen Evangelista also said sweet things about “the fault in our stars” actress.

“She’s always been really nice and sweet… She’s very, very sweet and humble and down-to-earth,” Evangelista said.