Ramazan comes after a year, it is a much awaited month not just by the elders but also by the children. The Suhoor and Iftar treats are what we children look forward to. These days the fasts are quite long and hot. The Sehri time starts at 2 am and goes on till 3:15 am till Fajar Azaan. The race to finish the Sehri and drink as much water as possible is exciting and then holding tummy and feeling too heavy to say the prayers is a nice feeling.

Iftari is much awaited especially when it comes to the yummy treats that have everything possible that we can think of during the whole day. Samosas, rolls, sandwiches, desserts, cakes and several others including all kind of eatables in dinner menu. Drinks starting from every flavor of cold drink to all the colors of different ‘sharbat’ that one can afford.  The difference between the sehri and iftari timings being only 7 hours people usually tend to eat iftar through sehri. After dinner people enjoy ice cream and chilled fruits which are amazing but the fun is basically when we wait for the Iftar time as the last few minutes are really hard to pass.

It is also the month of punishment for all those who do bad deeds. Food wasters should be very careful and they should fear Allahs wrath. All those people who truly repent understand the importance of food and hunger during their fast. They understand how it feels to remain hungry and what it feels like to have no food.

Fasting helps us understand the purpose of belonging to Allah and obeying His commands. I prefer to read the stories from the life of the Prophet S.A.W in which I get to know that he S.A.W travelled and prayed for us, during long days of fasting in the hot desert region he still prayed for us; ‘His Ummah.’

It is our duty to make sure that the fasting is not just about starving out body but also our soul. We need to feed it with good morals and blissful feelings throughout the fast and then say Alhamdulillah at the yummy food treats Allah blesses us with at Iftar time.

Now Ramzan is near its end and we wil miss it. I personally love the whole family sitting together at Sehri and Iftari . I also love the zest of giving that rises in every one. People give alms to the poor and needy to gain the maximum benefit. Next year seems far off but time flies and inshaaAllah we will be able to gain from the ‘Rehmat’ of Ramzan again.