As we approach 70th Anniversary of independence, it is time perhaps to look back and reflect why a country was created by visionary political leaders such as Mohammad Ali Jinnah who wanted to create a modern democratic welfare state has been reduced to nation hostage to extremism, intolerance, hypocrisy and corruption. 

Would it not serve us better to inform our youth that Quaid wanted Pakistan, a country with over 90% Muslim majority, to incorporate in its constitution the morality, ethics and principles of equality and justice for all citizens irrespective of their faith, ethnicity and status based on concept of Medina Welfare State? 

The distortions and twisting of facts relating to Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal’s vision by spin-masters of dictators starting from Ayub, Zia to Musharraf and compliant role of few within print media has done this country a lot of harm. Why should the media fail to highlight Quaid’s choice of a Hindu as our First Law Minister, given charge to work with Constituent Assembly comprising of all elected members in 1945-46 elections, who chose to opt for Pakistan in 1947, to frame a truly democratic constitution on which foundations of a modern democratic welfare state were to be laid on. Why should we distort history by forgetting that during lifetime of Quaid, the National Anthem that was recited was written by a Hindu from Mianwali, while National Anthem authored by Hafeez Jalundhry was first broadcasted in 1953. Is it not intellectual dishonesty to tamper with names of members of Drafting Committee appointed by Subjects Committee which was tasked to draft Lahore Resolution in its meeting held at Lahore on 21-22 March 1940. 

Manipulating history to suit whims of dictators and former collaborators of British Raj who opposed Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal in their constitutional political struggle and joined it only when occupying colonialist themselves decided to leave, has harmed this country. In Quaid’s Pakistan, there was no room for martial law, nor unchecked corruption by bureaucracy and ruling political elite, nor a state confining solely to welfare of paid servants living in islands of prosperity and their endless housing societies surrounded by a sea of poverty where citizens die on hospital floors with no access to even clean drinking water. 


Lahore, June 18.