LAHORE - You don’t have to browse your TV channels or do some special research to check the condition of road city in this capital city of Punjab province.

As you move around the city you get to see roads dug up for the Safe City Project under which more than 8,000 CCTV cameras are to be installed. The eight to 12 inch trenches are never filled properly resulting in bumpy rides.

This Safe City Project was initiated by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in October last year. The cost of the project is around Rs120 million. The project aims to monitor the streets of Lahore and upgrade certain facilities in an attempt to reduce street crime.

But, so far, the project has achieved little over setting up some camera poles and leaving strips of broken road 1 foot wide across the entire length on the entire road.

This alone has caused many problems for locals as many vehicles with small tires like rickshaws and small cars easily get stuck or have quite heavy jolts.

On the other hand, repairs were made on some main roads but they were carried out so cheaply that the ditches are beginning to appear again. In some areas residents filled the holes with cement at their own expense but as per tradition, the holes remerged causing the same problem all over again.

In most residential areas, these holes were dug up without the permission of residents and once dug they were not filled up properly nor were the roads repaired. These have become dangerous during rainy conditions as they are not visible under accumulated rain water.

Riding on roads in the rainy season with these unearthed strips can be dangerous, and may cause accident.

The cost in term of injury to the person driving or damage to the vehicle can be big.

The real reason behind this problem is institutional mismanagement and complete negligence over real issues.

Some people are even more worried about the future of this project. The main concerns are over the quality and reliability of the cameras and wiring. Many doubt the capabilities and priorities of the people monitoring the cameras. Others believe that it won’t work half the time due to loadshedding.