Prime Minister Sharif undertook an ambitious diplomatic mission to Saudi Arabia. A high level delegation including Chief of Army Staff Mr. Bajwa, Defense Minister Khuwaja Asif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Foreign Adviser Sartaj Aziz were accompanied him. Prime Minister’s intention is to diffuse the tense in the Middle East situation is laudable. But Pakistan is not in a position to play mediation role. 

Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia have friendly relations with Pakistan. We are indebted to both the countries and they regard Pakistan in high esteem. Seven Arab countries have broken ties with Qatar with severe allegation of financing and supporting terrorists organisations. Superpower America has also accused Qatar for funding to terrorists. 

In this backdrop, only OIC or Arab League could play effective role in negotiating for a truce. Both the parties have declined or rejected US President’s offer to settle the dispute. Kuwait’s Amir and Turkey’s President have held discussion with the both parties to minimise the tensions. They are natural allies of the Gulf States and can make a difference. 

The armies are on high alert and the possibility of armed action has risen. The peace and stability in the region is in the interests of the world as well as the Arab Peninsula.Trade ties and food supplies to Qatar have also been cutoff that might lead to famine like situation and great panic in the area. 

By allowing former General Raheel to head the United front of Muslim States, Pakistan made a great mistake. The deteriorating situation calls for his resignation and return home. We must stay away from conflict in the Middle East due to our historic relations. At present Pakistan is greatly disadvantaged due to its tarnished image in the world. 


Karachi, June 17.