ISLAMABAD - Sri Lanka has shown interest in procuring about 300,000 metric tons rice from Pakistan to meet its domestic shortfall because of drought in the country.

A high-level Sri Lankan delegation, led by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry Secretary Chinthaka S Lokuhetti, showed interest during a meeting with Commerce Secretary Mohammad Younus Dhaga. Sri Lankan side is looking to procure rice on government-to-government basis because of drought in Sri Lanka.

Dhaga informed his counterpart that considering it is the end of season, Pakistan will initially provide at least 25,000 MT rice to Sri Lanka on urgent basis. For the remaining quantities the trading arms of two countries ie Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) and Cooperative Wholesale Establishment (CWE) in Sri Lanka will discuss procurement schedule and price in September/October on the advent of new crop.

Both sides also discussed about signing a Memorandum of Understanding between TCP and CWE - Sri Lanka counterpart in Sri Lanka for supply of other commodities as well such as sugar. The meeting was also attended by TCP Chairman Mushtaq Ahmed Sheikh.