On June 10, 2017, the Sindh Government issued progressive notification to ban the sale of toy guns for a period of two months. The notification quoted two absolutely rational arguments, i.e., “that the toy guns were being used by robbers in street crime and that they were a bad influence on children.” 

The fact that toy guns have been used by robbers in street crime for past several decades. The fact that they are a bad influence on children has been known for even longer. Thus the discovery of these two facts by the Sindh Government on the morning of 10th June 2017 came as a bit of surprise. However a good step in the right direction, however late, must be acknowledged as a good step. 

The most surprising and disconcerting aspect of this notification is that the ban would expire after two months. It is understandable for manufacturers to specify that the shelf life of a medicine or a food item will expire after a certain period. But a constructive, beneficial and much awaited action to be shelf life to two months is absolutely incomprehensible. 

Could we, as members of ‘citizens against weapons’, request you to please issue another notification which reads more comprehensively to state that” The manufacture, import and sale of all toy guns is completely banned in the province of Sindh”. Needless to say that there should also be yet another notification to state that “The sale, manufacture, import, storage, carriage and display of all real guns is also banned in the province of Sindh”. 


Lahore, June 17.