BADIN - ‘Zardari league’ and other groups would be defeated in upcoming general election.

These views were expressed by GDA leader Dr Zulfiqar Mirza while addressing the public gatherings and rallies in Golarchi, Talhar, Badin Matli, Tando Ghulam Ali and Dumbalo in connection with election campaign of his son Hassam Mirza, candidate for PS-70 Matli, Riaz Ahmed Nizamani, Mir Dr Abdulah Talpur for PS-72 Talhar.

He said that people had shown their hate to Zardari league and feudal as mega corruption committed by them and they would vote against those who looted the money of the people. He said that the political chapter of Zardari and his cronies to be closed soon and they would be accountable.

Dr Mirza said that they had always served the people and such struggle for the rights of people. He said that the feudal and others have greed of power but he always crusade for Sindh. The GDA leader said that he had challenged Zardari and his cronies that they would be defeated. He said that success would be theirs and Zardari league would meet defeat as their destiny.

Earlier, GDA contesting candidate for National Assembly Hissam Mirza, candidates for Provincial Assembly Riaz Ahmed Nizamani and Mir Abdullah Talpur said they were contesting against those candidates of Zardari-league who were elected MPAs and MNAs and they enjoyed treasury benches but they neglected the people and paid no heed for welfare, progress and development of those constituencies. They said such crowd and huge public gatherings and warm welcome was sign of success.


Inhabitants of coastal belt were facing worsen situation and deprived of basic amenities including drinking water, health, education, roads, electricity, employment and others. It was expressed by Abdul Jabbar Bucho, an independent candidate for PS-74 Golarchi during a press conference in Badin Press Club on Tuesday.

He said that he has always served the people of coastal belt and his services in connection of social activities were not unknown of the people of Badin.

Abdul further said that in deliberate water shortage and flood he had struggled for the people of Badin district. He said that he always supported the struggle for provision of basic amenities to coastal belt while raised voice for royalty of gas and oil.

He said he would continue to serve the people of Badin district.