HAFIZABAD-Election fever has started mounting in the district as different political and religious parties are holding corner meetings in various rural and urban areas of Hafizabad to get public support.

PTI leader Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti has inaugurated two election offices at Fawara Chowk and Girja Ghar Chowk where he appealed to the gatherings to vote for PTI candidates for the mitigation of their sufferings. Later, the workers were entertained with food and soft drinks.

The workers of PML-N led by Saira Afzal Tarar, Muzzaffar Ali Sheikh Candidate for PP-70 started door-to-door canvassing to muster support for the party keeping in view the "unprecedented development" projects executed by the PML-N particularly with provision of free medicines in the hospitals, education up to high classes, gas in the remote areas, metalling of roads including farm-to-Mandi roads to enable the growers to transport their food products to the markets.

Ch Liaqat Abbas Bhatti, candidate of TLP for NA-87 along with barrister Syed Waseem-ul-Hassan Naqvi, the candidate for PP-70, addressed a big gathering in Mohallah Sherpura and called upon the electorates to cast their votes to the candidates of TLP to rid the country of corrupt political leaders who had looted the public exchequer for the last 71 years.

They said that their party would eliminate the sufferings of the masses by introducing Islamic system in the country in letter and spirit.

PPP candidate for PP-70 Malik Fakhar Abbas Awan while addressing a gathering said that PPP believed in the emancipation of the poor and downtrodden and ensure true democratic order in the country. He called upon the electorates not to be hoodwinked by the hollow slogans of PML-N and PTI candidates and reject the weather cocks during the general elections. He said that the PPP, if came to power, would usher in an era of progress and prosperity of the nation.

Meanwhile, Allama Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, central amir of Mutahida Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan, has announced that his party would support the candidates of PTI in Hafizabad district.

Addressing a press conference at Press Club Hafizabad in the presence of district leader of PTI Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti and candidate for PP-70 Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan, he said that Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam but unfortunately Islamic system has not yet been introduced in the country in letter and spirit during the past 71 years.

He said that Nawaz Sharif government has disappointed the Muslims over the issue of finality of Prophethood. He said that Imran Khan is the only ray of hope for the nation and we believed that the PTI would protect and preserve the finality and would introduce Islamic system in the country. He advised the religious scholars to support PTI candidates during the elections.