ISLAMABAD - Though the National Accountability Bureau has arrested former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Fawad Hassan Fawad in different corruption cases, yet his blue-eyed officers are still serving in the PM office on key positions, The Nation has learnt.

Sources told The Nation that two senior bureaucrats, including Dr Kazim Niaz, Additional Secretary and Jawad Pal, Joint Secretary Internal Affairs PM office are still holding the same positions despite the fact that the caretaker government reshuffled the top bureaucracy. They were posted in the PM House with the consent of Fawad Hassan Fawad.

Jawad Pal had served in the Establishment Division as Joint Secretary Establishment Division which is considered one of the important positions before posting him in the PM office. Dr Kazim was serving as Chief Secretary Gilgat-Balitistan before transferred him to the PM office.

Sources mentioned that Kazim deals the Establishment Division and his role is important in the transfer and posting of bureaucrats because it is part of the duty of the Additional Secretary PM office to brief the PM about the profiles of officers.

Interestingly, the caretaker government has reshuffled bureaucracy from top to bottom in the centre and Punjab and Sindh provinces and it also removed the former governments’ blue-eyed officers from important posts but both Kazim and Pal managed to continue on the same positions.

A senior official of the Establishment Division told that Fawad Hassan Fawad issued the instructions to former secretaries Establishment Division and forced them for transfer and posting of his blue-eyed officers during his tenure as Additional Secretary and Secretary to PM.

He said that later Jawad Pal played his role as a middleman between Secretary to PM Fawad Hassan Fawad and Secretary Establishment Division and conveyed directions of Fawad to top officials of the Establishment Division.

The caretaker government removed Fawad from the post of Secretary to PM and posted him as Director General Civil Services Academy.

He claimed that Fawad Haasan Fawad was posting his close bureaucrats on lucrative positions through Kazim and Pal.

He mentioned that the newly-appointed Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat who is a garde-18 officer was earlier serving in the Establishment Division in grade-19 as a Joint Secretary Establishment Division due to his good links with Fawad and Pal.

He requested the federal government to remove Azam, Pal and Hazam Shafqat from the key posts because they can affect elections.

He said that the federal government posted former secretary to chief minister Punjab Imdad Bosal as Secretary Economic Affairs Division as his brother was an MNA on the PML-N ticket in the last government and he is again contesting election from Mandi Bahauddin.