Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has said he is coming back to save Pakistan from conspirators.

While addressing a press conference here in London on Wednesday he said, " I am leaving Kalsoom Nawaz behind to return Pakistan". She is still on the ventilator and I wish to see my wife to regain consciousness, he added.

Referring to the Avenfield reference verdict against him he stated, "'it is written in the verdict that Nawaz has not done any corruption and no proof of corruption found against him".

In the 70 years history of Pakistan, there is not a single example of a family which has been held accountable for three generations like us and despite seeing the prison in front of me I am to fulfil my promise to give respect to vote, he further added.

The PML-N Supreme leader said the nation should remember the debacle Pakistan had to face due to conspiracies and East Pakistan was separated again the conspiracies can be felt in the air, now is the time to reveal the facts before the masses.

The former prime minister told media that I am struggling for my country and jail or punishment cannot stop him. "Pakistan is in great trouble and I am coming back to save my country".

Expressing views on the decision against daughter Maryam he said,"I wonder why the judgment was given against Maryam she was not holding any public office and was innocent", "sending her to prison is like disrespecting every daughter of Pakistan" he added.