ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Acting Director General Arif Ibrahim has promised to provide the best facilities to athletes and coaches, who work hard and earn laurels for the country.

Talking to The Nation, Arif said: “Ever since I took over the charge from Aamir Ali Ahmad, I spent lot of time in the complex and want to personally meet with athletes. I visited different facilities while on the request of athletes and coaches, I have directed Assistant Director Hostels Malik Imtiaz Hussian to change the menu and provide athletes and coaches meat, fruits, supplements, diet, milk and whatever they want, as there is no compromise on athletes’ diet.

“They are the ones, who bring laurels for the country. I have immediately ordered training camps for the upcoming Asian Games and different camps are under progress. I have also formed different committees to look after and monitor the training of athletes and find out whether they are satisfied with the facilities being provided to them,” he added.

Arif said a great work is needed to be done in the PSB. “I know I am here for three months or so, but as long as I am here, I will utilise all my abilities and ensure merit prevails in every department.”

When asked about Liaqat Gymnasium scandal, Arif said: “I am waiting for the inquiry report, but for the time-being, I have ordered to stop payments of the contractors and if found guilty, I am not going to spare anyone as it is national wealth and being a custodian of the complex, I will take every step to ensure justice must prevail.”

When pointed out towards a few certain officers, who are trying to hide facts and barring the journalists from visiting Liaqat Gymnasium, Arif said: “I am not aware of any restrictions being imposed on journalists and I promise no under the table orders will be issued.”

He welcomed sports journalists to highlight positives and also shortcomings and promised to take action if anyone form the PSB tried to create hurdles in smooth working relations between sports journalists and the PSB.

Former acting DG Amer Ali Ahmed took drastic steps during his tenure and implemented rule of law, but soon after his departure, the staff has against started using same old tactics. About this, Arif promised to check the complaints regarding Allama Iqbal hostel’s kitchen and out of order air-conditioners and to address them as early as possible. He also promised to personally visit hostel and ensure neat and clean washrooms, hygienic kitchen and air-conditioned rooms.

“I have long experience of working at the top level and once again let me assure all that as long as I am the DG, I will provide the best possible facilities to athletes and never tolerate any wrongdoing and there will be no compromise on principles. I want to run the PSB in highly-professional manner and act as a facilitator,” Arif concluded.