Pakistan has been placed on FATF Grey List, downgraded by Moody’s and according to State Bank not enough Forex Reserves for two months of imports. It is on list of three countries with insufficient water reserves. Yet there seems to be no visible austerity drive or measures adopted in lifestyle of the elite that lives on state expense, nor a freeze on housing societies built on forest, state land and green agriculture land.

For a country created by Quaid-e-Azam who would not waste state-funds on serving tea to guests, it is shocking to see opulent lifestyle on state expense by its paid and elected public office holders and their insatiable greed for allotment of prime real estate and perks in service and post retirement. Diminishing agriculture land with increasing population, create ideal environment for famine. All that we hear on electronic media are reports of interparty rivalries, mudslinging etc by political activists against their opponents and nothing concrete about real issues that confront 200 million citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We are borrowing to payback our debts and this vicious cycle will one day land us in deep trouble, where we may be forced to give up our sole defense deterrence capability. That seems to be strategy of our known enemies.

The paid elite of this country feel insulted in using local assembled cars, or travel on national airline or by train and road as was done till early 80s. Travelling on executive jets and helicopters seems to be only mode of travel, with endless foreign trips yielding nothing for national interest. Almost every state regulatory and financial institution and important corporation owned by tax payers is headed by individuals with split loyalties, holding either foreign passports or permanent residential status, with assets and family living abroad, who are engaged in transferring their earnings abroad.


Lahore, June 22.