The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Wednesday gave one-month deadline for evacuation of the government residences. 

The Chief Justice then warned to call in the Rangers force if authorities would fail to evacuate the illegally occupied government residences in Islamabad  within a month.  

Today, during the hearing, Additional Attorney General (AAG), Syed Nayyer Rizvi, told the court that police officials had illegally occupied the 140 flats in Sector G-6 in Islamabad. 

The AAG further informed that rent amounting to Rs 350 million was yet to paid.

However, He said that if the amount would be received, the rent payment will be donated for the construction of the Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams.   

He told the Court, "Both, electricity and gas supply were disconnected on the Islamabad High Court's order. However, the Supreme Court's [evacuation] orders are yet to be implemented five years after they were issued."

The Chief Justice questioned, "What is the fault of those who are waiting [to get official residences]?" adding that how government officers had the courage to illegally occupy official residences. 

The Chief Justice then noted that the law must be upheld. 

Furthermore, Secretary Housing and Works Dr Imran Zeb Khan reiterated that the police officers were illegally occupying the government flats. "We have been unable to evacuate the flats because of a shortage of manpower," Dr Khan said.

The Court adjourned the hearing till August 31.  

Supreme Court summons IGs

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, summoned Inspector Generals (IGs) of all four provinces on Friday, July 6 in relation to the case of illegal occupation of government residences.  

Earlier, on July 6, Justice Saqib Nisar also ordered to present a record of ongoing cases [related to the residences] in lower Courts and stay orders in the relevant issue of residences. 

The Additional Attorney General claimed that the provincial IGs are not cooperating.

He said, "In Islamabad alone, 200 official residences have been illegally occupied by police officials. We apprised the IG Islamabad but he is not cooperating with us."

Then, the Chief Justice questioned that why the IGs are not cooperating. He said, "Ask the IGs to appear in court whether via helicopter or plane."