LONDON - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday claimed that PML-N was the party which was consistently being targeted.

Talking to media, he praised those Pakistan Army officials who shielded the country from enemies by the sacrifices they made on the border.

“We should all salute them and their sacrifices. They respect their mandates and oaths by not defying them,” he added.

Sharif said the ISPR has given clarifications about ISI’s General Faiz Hamid. He said that clarifications are being given about political affairs instead of military affairs. He said that General Faiz and his team are involved in forcing people to change their loyalties. He said that General Faiz played a role in forcing PML-N candidates to give up the lion symbol. The former prime minister said that General Faiz is also involved in getting candidates the jeep symbol. He said that PML-N candidates were forced to quit the party. He said that involvement of General Faiz in such activities is a violation of his oath and constitutional role. He maintained that current actions have caused an irreparable damage to the credibility of the elections. Sharif said it would be better not to act upon ISPR director general’s remarks. He said that it is the mandate of the Election Commission of Pakistan to hold the elections, not any other institution’s. The PML-N Quaid said that rigging in the elections has started. He went on to say that it is his patience that he is tolerating all this. Sharif said that PML-N role in the war on terror was also vital. He said that he is against those violating the oath and taking part in politics. He said that presence of army inside polling stations is beyond understanding. He said that when he has been sentenced to jail for 10 years, it does not matter if his name has been put on the exit control list too.

Meanwhile Maryam Nawaz, in conversation with media outlets in London on Tuesday, said they were returning Pakistan to surrender, not to run away.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz will reach Lahore on Friday (July 13) through a private airline’s flight.

“We will address our workers after leaving the airport,” said Maryam Nawaz. “It is time to end the war that has been going on for 70 years,” she added.

“This is not the 80’s or the 90’s that people could easily be controlled. The devices to attack PML-N and Nawaz Sharif have become known to even those who were unaware of them,” she added.

Maryam termed the news of her name being added to exit control list (ECL) as another attempt to bar them from entering the country.

The former first daughter in reference to her and Nawaz Sharif’s name being added to the ECL stated that their decisions had become even more concrete in spite of the several attempts made to stop them from entering the country.

“Adding our names to the ECL was one last attempt to stop us from returning but regardless of the tactics, the people are aware of the reality.”

She went on further to state that all strategies will backfire on those planting them.

She concluded the talk saying, “We are not going to Pakistan to escape but are going to get arrested.”