HYDERABAD - The Police have taken seven days physical remand of accused Saleem Raza, the owner of firecrackers storage here on Tuesday. Accused Saleem Raza was arrested by the Police on Monday night in a case No: 73/2018 of Phuleli Police Station under Section 302, 437, 436, 286, 285 PPP and 6/7 ATA on complaint of Muhammad Naeem Shaikh.

Today, the Police produced the accused person before the local court and taken his seven days physical remand.

It may be mentioned here that wife and son of Muhammad Naeem Shaikh have lost their lives as a result of the blast in firecrackers storage in a house near Islamabad Chowk.

Accused Saleem Raza is the brother of complainant Muhammad Naeem Shaikh and stored the firecrackers at the upper floor of the house which sparked and caused deaths to the wife and son of the complainant.