This is now an established fact that Pakistan has world’s one of the strongest armies and the most brilliant men and officers in its fold. The international community fully recognizes and acknowledges it. Every year, be it international contests or training academies passing-outs, Pakistani individuals or contingents have won laurels for the country. 

Recently, Pakistan Army’s brilliant and devoted young cadet Sheroz Shahid has made Pakistan proud as he and his team representing Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) won an international military drill competition known as Pace Sticking Competition that held at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. Sheroz Shahid was also honored with overseas International Medal for his incredible performance in education, training and physical fitness displayed during the training period. To show all this within only two months is not an easy job yet Pakistan Army team’s dedication and spirit to take on the challenge is superb as they demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism and excellence maintained by the Pakistan armed forces. 

In 2011, Officer Cadet Muhammad Talha Zahid had participated in the same competition and won ‘Sword of Honour’. Later on, Cadet Corporal Asad Mushtaq and Officer Cadet Waleed Bashir did same and almost six young cadets achieved this honor since Pakistan Military Academy started sending its graduates there. 

It is certainly a joyous moment for all of us. To get such a hallmark achievement abroad needs appreciation and applause. This shows how Pakistan army is resilient and efficient in their respective fields. 


Rawalpindi, June 22.