OKARA/ MUZFFARGARH-As many as five persons died in different incidents of violence, drowning and electrocution here, according to police.

A man drowned while trying to rescue another man and his son in a canal near village Jawaya Baloch. A man and his son were bathing in Upper Sohag Canal. They swam to the severe currents of waves and started howling for help. A passerby named Riaz Ahmed jumped into the canal to save both of them. He pushed the father and son out of the canal but drowned himself.

In another incident, a man died while another got injured in clash between a loader rickshaw and a motorcycle. Near village Hakoomatgarh, a speeding loader rickshaw collided with an on coming motorcycle. One man died and another got injured. The deceased could not be identified. However, Rescue 1122 carried the injured person and the deceased to hospital.

Meanwhile, a man was shot dead by his nephews over old enmity. In village Jhujh Kalan, Tufail had a longstanding enmity with his nephews - Ashraf and Babar. The other day, Tufail was intercepted by his nephews who shot him dead. The accused escaped. Depalpur Saddr police registered a case.

A Wapda lineman was electrocuted while working on an electricity pylon. Arshad, a resident of village 14/1L, was working under the sun on an electricity pole in Fateh Town when he was electrocuted and fell on the ground senseless. He was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.

In Muzffargarh, a man stabbed his brother to death over suspicion of doing black magic on him. The incident occurred at Mauza Taraf. The accused was identified as Zahoor. He killed his Allah Ditta. Saddr police registered an FIR.