After the USA aircraft carrier, Abraham Lincoln’s, entry into the Persian Gulf, the tension between USA & Iran has increased. Moreover, Strait of Hormuz route for oil tankers connecting the Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman is under fire for the last months. 6 Oil tankers have been hitten by unknown parties. Furthermore, on 12th June, two oil tankers have been targeted near the Gulf of Oman. The USA is blaming Iran, but Iran has denied its role in this incident. The USA Secretary of Defence Patrick Shanahan has said that “ USA central command General Mckenzie is monitoring all activity in the Persian Gulf”.

Furthermore, Russia & China have advised the USA to adopt restraint policy in the Persian Gulf. The current scenario of the Middle East is alarming for the whole region and can affect the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia & Africa. Recently, Prime Minister of Japan visited Iran to calm down the current deteriorating situation of the Middle East. It is in the best interest of Pakistan to remain neutral in the current scenario of the Middle East.