The illicit grabbing of the Palestinian land or townlet by the Israeli government and naming it after the American incumbent president’s name is an outrightly reprehensible act. It seems as if America deeming itself a state responsible for brokering peace all over the world is nescient of its own activities. Incrementally, Trump’s-led Israeli government is robbing the Palestinians of such basic rights as possessing any property.

Muslim diaspora is quiescent over this tragedy. Ex-president of Egypt, Muhammad Morsi was the only man who raised his voice in the past about the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. Arab states, especially the ones which are replete with natural resources, should stand unified to put some pressure on the Trump government to stop endorsing the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.

I have been hearing about the troubles of poor Palestinians and the Kashmiris since my childhood. Muslims all around the globe are brothers and according to our credo, we must not leave these poor Muslims during such a hapless situation. Muslim countries should come together to find out ways of ending the hegemony of oppression in Israel and Kashmir.