KARACHI:           -     K-Electric reiterates that current load-management, has been the result of fuel shortfall which has compromised generation capacity at K-Electric’s 1250 MW Bin Qasim Power Plant (BQPS-I) as well as at its Independent Power Producers (IPPs) including Tapal.

The current situation has been further aggravated due to demand surges on account of high temperatures and humidity as well as erratic power supplies from the Wind Corridor and suspension of supplies from KANUPP. This current situation is unprecedented and in an effort to provide relief to its residential customers during the late-night hours, KE has been managing load through industrial load-shedding despite this impacting negatively on the company’s financial health and profitability.

KE operates in a regulated environment where timely approvals from government and regulatory bodies are necessary to materialise both operational and long-term business plans necessary to meet the city’s growing power demand. Anticipating the growing supply-demand shortfall as far back as FY 2016, the Company had developed a robust USD 4bn investment plan which included several Generation initiatives including a 700 MW Coal-fired power plant as well as downstream transmission and distribution upgrades. While KE received approvals for its 900 MW RLNG power plant in FY 2019, of which Phase I is expected to come onstream by May 2021, with a resultant improvement in Karachi’s power supply situation, approvals for 700 MW coal project is still awaited. The company has been highlighting to all concerned authorities that approval delays will negatively impact KE’s ability to meet the city’s long-term power demand growth and widen the supply demand gap.

 Considering that many governmental and regulatory entities have a role to play in providing a climate that encourages and expedites investments, KE should be accountable only to the extent of its role as a power supplier and other players must also share responsibility for delayed decision-making. Since 2009, KE has invested over USD 2.4 bn in power infrastructure upgrades and additions, adding 1057 MW to its own generation capacity and 400 MW through Power Purchase Agreements, building 18 grid stations and upgrading distribution system through hundreds of additional feeders and thousands of additional transformers. These have reduced Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses by over 17%, resulting in load-shed exemption for over 70% of Karachi including all industrial zones.

While circumstances out of KE’s control have led to the current difficult position for it, the power utility remains committed to powering the city’s growth. Following the Cabinet Committee on Energy’s (CCOE) approval last month to supply 1400 MW additional electricity through the National Grid, KE has already initiated work on building the required interconnections with a view to fast-tracking power evacuation as early as 2023. KE is grateful for the support and patience of its customers during this unprecedented time, as well as for the swift decisiveness of the Ministry of Energy in taking the necessary decisions that will go a long-way towards improving the power supply position in the country.

PTI sit-in against K-Electric enters fifth consecutive day

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi’s sit-in against K-Electric entered fifth day on Friday.

A large number of PTI MNAs, MPAs and party workers joined the protest, according to a news release.

PTI Karachi President Khurram Sher Zaman said that protests had started against K-Electric in the whole city due to its incompetence. ‘We are on ground against K-Electric and are saying from day one that they are ill-prepared for the moonsoon rains and the same happened,’ he added.

When Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim alongside three MPAs met K-Electric CEO, he refused to respond to grievances and said that he was not answerable to anyone except NEPRA. This company was imposed on us by Asif Zardari.

He informed that PM Imran Khan had taken a notice on the issue and formed a committee comprising of Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Federal Minister Asad Umar and Shahzad Qasim which would look into the issue from today.

He expressed hope that by tomorrow there would be a positive result of this crisis. He again demanded Minister for Power Umar Ayub to come to Karachi and see the issues himself.

‘We are responsible to resolve the issues of Karachites, there must be a uniform distribution of electricity. We led the protest and due to this other political parties also took up the issue,’ he said.

He demanded to register a case of murder against NEPRA on the lives lost in Karachi.

PTI central Joint Secretary and MNA Aftab Siddiqui applauded the workers and leaders for registering a successful protest.

‘K Electric has become a mafia, we will raise voice against it on every forum. People of criminal mindset are sitting in the power company,’ he said.

He announced to stage sit-in outside the main gate of K-Electric from tomorrow and would not let enter anybody. If demands were not met, the protests would be spread to the board members residences and regional offices of K-Electric. He announced to stage a protest in Islamabad.

He announced to stage sit-in outside the main gate of K Electric from tomorrow and will not let enter anybody. If demands are not met, the protests will be spead to the board members residences and regional offices of K Electric.

He demanded to public the agreement with K-Electric and also announced to stage a protest in Islamabad.