I am writing to express my concern about the hike in the prices of essential commodities which is making life for many quite miserable. The prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses and vegetables are increasing day by day. Even simple vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, have gone beyond the range of the common man. Things that were easily available at reasonable prices have suddenly disappeared from the market.

The consumer is left at the mercy of traders and shopkeepers. They charge anything they like, exploiting the helpless consumers, especially since there is no one to check this exploitation and profiteering. The government seems to be unbothered by the problems that the common man faces. Such situations always lead to public unrest and rioting situations. The government needs to take suitable measures to bring down the prices of essential commodities, and strict action should be taken against hoarders and profiteers.

There is no real dearth of anything in the market; it has only been manufactured. The government should not look the other way, and should assure the people that they will get all essential commodities at reasonable prices. The public distribution system should be geared up.


Wah Cantt.