Facebook users have shared footage of a person asserting that the metal strip inside a face mask is nothing but a 5G antenna allegedly aimed at destroying people.

In the video, a man’s voice is heard referring to “the 5G antenna killer that’s inside the masks that they are telling everybody to wear”.

It shows up that the affirmations hold no water, particularly given that in a video discharged final month, Specialist April Baller of the World Health Organisation (WHO) clarified how to accurately wear a confront cover.

The “antenna killer” video comes amid ongoing concerns over the alleged impact of 5G emissions on human health, with the UK government stating that there is "no convincing evidence that 5G is dangerous”.

In late May, Mobile UK, a trade association for mobile network operators in Britain, estimated that about 90 phone masts, not all of them carrying 5G equipment, have so far been attacked across the UK by those fiercely claiming that the destruction of 5G cables would curb the spread of the contagious disease.

Wearing a face mask, meanwhile, remains compulsory in Ireland and Scotland despite European countries currently continuing a step-by-step easing of national corona virus lock downs, mostly imposed in February due to the COVID-19 outbreak.