CNG association is on strike against the possible 15-17 percent increase in it price from July 01, 2012 by the people friendly government. The government was claiming that their last budget will be tax free. The increase in CNG prices is one of the proof. The government is fully committed to destroy CNG sector and promote LPG as some vested interests want to earn ‘little’ from that source now. I don’t think this happens anywhere in the world other than Pakistan that an established industry is willfully being ruined. On one hand the government has taken loans more than past sixty years in its tenure and on the other hand it is destroying industry with the absence of gas and electricity. Where has that all loan gone? I fully agree with CNG association’s plea that government should not increase its price and should try collecting tax from the wealthy that have millions to bribe for their cases in Supreme Court.

I was surprised to see Secretary Petroleum Ejaz Choudhary’s statement in media that public should not support CNG strike. First of all who is he to address public? He is our servant and should behave like servants. None of the public representative from the government has moral courage to come out to talk to public and solve this problem. I wish Mr. Gillani comes out of his luxurious palace only few kilometers and see how people are suffering in this scorching heat due to CNG crisis. I consider opposition, including PML-N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and others equally responsible for this public misery as they have not come out to be with public and sent strong message to the diminishing government. I urge Chief Justice of Pakistan to take sou moto action of this problem and order government not only to reduce CNG prices but also ensure that all provinces including Punjab get CNG for the maximum time in the week as it is peak summer time, not the freezing January.


Fateh Jang, June 9.