The recent incident of Nato forces killing 18 civilians including women and children is a very sad news while General Jones has asked forgiveness from the affected families. He is to offer his condolences as well. It appears blood of Muslims is flowing freely like water as it is not the first case of the sort in Afghanistan at the hands of foreign forces invited by Mr. Karzai who often shows his annoyance at such brutal killing of innocent Afghans. As it is said if you sow wind you would reap the whirlwind. When a nation invites foreign troops to sustain its invalid hold on the country such merciless killing of civilians is the result. The ten years’ war in Afghanistan and its spillover in Pakistan is the consequence of foisting a minority rule of Northern Alliance over the majority population of Pashtuns in Afghanistan. This mayhem would only stop when the Nato troops leave Afghanistan as ten years of war has achieved little with horrendous suffering of Afghan people for which Mr. Karzai is squarely responsible.


Lahore, June 9.