KHANEWALFollowing the DCO's directions, RTA Secretary Hassan Yousaf has initiated crackdown on public service vehicles (PSVs) for installing substandard and extra-CNG cylinders, putting commuters' lives at risk. According to rules, only two cylinders are allowed in the vehicles and the vehicles should also have fitness certificate duly certified by the Oil and Gas Regularity Authority's (OGRA) designated laboratories. The RTA Secretary impounded more than 10 vehicles in the district and imposed heavy fines to more than 20 drivers for not having proper documentation of the vehicles.

He stated that no slackness will be tolerated on the part of the transporters who put the lives of people in danger by avoiding the rules.

He said that strict action was being taken against the owners of the vehicles which lacked fitness certificate and the drivers utilized plastic cans of fuel hanging behind the driving seats. He said that such methods were dangerous and could cause horrific incidents like Gujrat fire tragedy.