KHYBER AGENCY- Militants attacked NATO supply trucks in Khyber Agency with guns and rockets on Monday, setting vehicles ablaze and killing at least six people. 

Up to 20 armed militants targeted at least three Afghanistan-bound vehicles loaded with armored vehicles and other military equipment at around eleven in the morning in Shahgai area of Jamrud Tehsil, sub-division of Khyber Agency, officials said. According to an assistant political agent, at least three NATO vehicles caught fire, four people died on the spot and two wounded in the attack expired later at a hospital. Jahangir Azam further said the attackers who were dressed in Khasadar uniform managed to flee from the crime site.

Another official, Asmatullah Wazir, said four NATO vehicles were hit and three of them caught fire in the attack. The victims were drivers and their helpers, he added.

Sources added Khasadar officials deputed at the post located in the area were arrested over negligence.

After the incident, administration officials and security forces rushed and cordoned off the area. The bodies were moved to Jamrud hospital where the victims were identified as Tika Khan, Wajid, Arafat of Zekha Khel tribe and Yar Alam, an Afghan national.

A military official in Peshawar confirmed the militants used rockets and automatic weapons.

Militant outfit Jaish-e-Usama claimed the responsibility for the attack. Abu Hamza, a spokesperson for the terrorist cell, told newsmen over phone from an undisclosed location that suppliers working for NATO would face similar consequences.