MULTAN : The sale of clocks and wristwatches has decreased remarkably with increase in the use of cell-phones. Mohammad Saleem, a shopkeeper at Gardezi Market, said he planned to change his business as it had no economic charm. “It has become very difficult for me to support the family.  The use of wall clocks was at peak in the 20th century. Wall clocks were installed in magnificent buildings and towers in different cities which used to facilitate the local community.  It was also a tradition that grooms were given wristwatches but now the tradition is dying,” he added.

“In recent days, the use of watches and clock has decreased remarkably. Now clocks are being used as decoration only,” he added.

Majid Ali, a student of Bahauddin Zakariya University, said he never felt the need of a wristwatch because he had two mobile phones. He said he had installed a wall clock in his study room.

An employee of a pharmaceutical company, Rashid Qureshi, said he was in the habit of keeping a watch though he had a cell phone.  He, however, said his sons did not use watches in the presence of mobile phones.