The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed the Punjab government to submit its report on 13th June regarding measures to stop measles with the direction that Punjab Chief Minister and Health Minister would be responsible in case of any further causality due to the disease.

A single member bench of LHC, comprising Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan, conducted hearing of the case here on Tuesday. DG health told the court that special measures were being taken in order to overcome measles. Vaccination has brought down the number of casualties, said DG Health.

The court expressed it dissatisfaction over the report submitted by the DG, saying it has nothing to do with the reality; rather it is routine report.

The court further said that such tactics have become outdated; now they have no worth.

In his remarks, Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan said that chief minister and minister have taken oaths; now they must focus their full attention on their actions.

The justice made it clear that if somebody is found responsible for negligence, he would be sent to jail. The government must do every possible struggle in order to overcome fatal disease which is targeting innocent children.

The court while rejecting the DG’s report has sought an explanation from Punjab government on June 13.