Mr Altaf Hussain says that unless his party workers 'reform', he will leave the party. Reportedly, he says, he is on a crusade against crime and corruption within his party and has forbidden party workers from collecting extortion (Bhatta) and land-grabbing in the name of the party. So who are the workers that he wants to reform? This party has a reputation for high handedness, which perhaps is the sole reason why it has been able to win in Karachi, in contrast with its allies in the previous government, who have lost heavily in their constituencies; ANP has been wiped out in KPK and PPP has been reduced to a small rural party in Sindh.

How will he continue to live in a palace in UK if his party does not collect donation (Bhatta ) from everyone? MQM gained power in the name of the poor, and it has been reported that some, of the once-middle-class MQM stalwarts, are now multi-millionaires in terms of dollars and pound-sterling, but what good has been done for the common poor Mahajar person? According to reports 9,000 people died in Karachi during the last 4-5 years due to target killings. The irony is that, law-enforcement agencies report, it is the militants belonging to all ruling parties in Sindh, PPP, ANP and MQM who have been busy in a bloody turf-war of killing and kidnapping, torture, street crime and extortions. The nexus between politics and crime remains strong. There are more guns, more gunmen on the streets and the common man has been left helpless and defenseless. Assuming power in the name of the people, there has never been an attempt by the ruling parties to serve them.


Lahore, June 2.