The Kashmir Council European Union (KC-EU) has organised a camp in connection with its widespread awareness movement on Kashmir issue titled 'One Million Signature Campaign' in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, it was officially declared.

"A number of people paid attention to and supported the human rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) by making their signature on the documents of the campaign. Local NGOs and social activists based in Sweden supported the holding one-day camp in Stockholm', an official statement issued by the Kashmir Council EU here said.

It continued that the EU-based campaign had been first launched from Belgium in the recent period and so far, a large number the people in the different European countries have signed the documents of the awareness drive. After the camp in Sweden, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, it was a successful camp and a larger number of Swedish people showed their interest in singing the papers of the campaign, according to the statement.

He said "we have already organized successful camps in connection with signature campaign in the different EU countries and a massive number of people signed the documents of the occasions.

The one-day camp in connection with the campaign in Sweden was a significant event as the country has an important role in peace and development and human rights in the different parts of the world, he said.

It is important to mention that basic aim of the EU based signature drive is to collect a million signatures to highlight the conflict of Kashmir and pressurize New Delhi to stop the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Indian forces in the Indian held Kashmir (IHK).

The collection of one million signatures will be presented in the shape of the document to the 'European Parliament's human rights committee' to raise the issue of violations of human rights in IHK Kashmir.

He also hailed the recent resolution passed by EU parliament for condemnation of secret execution of Afzal Goru in an Indian jail. The resolution asked that India should hand over dead body of Afzal Goru to his family. Ali Raza Syed, the resolution is outcome of Kashmiris' struggle for highlighting the Kashmir issue in EU.

Ali Raza Syed said 'Indian State terrorism has been rapidly stepped up in IHK, with the increase of 'fake encounters' and 'extra judicial killings. 'A large number of Kashmiri youth have been killed in the recent years and such genocide is continued unabated.

Thousands of unnamed graves have been discovered in the different areas of IHK and it is firmly believed that most of the buried in the graves are Kashmiri youth died in the fake encounters with the Indian security forces.

This genocide of the Kashmiri people should be stopped immediately, military personnel involved in extra judicial killings should be brought to the justice. The International Community should come forward and voice their concerns, the chairman Kashmir Council EU concluded.