DERBYSHIRE, UK: Toe wrestler Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash has been crowned world champion - for the 10th time.

The 53-year-old retained his title at the World Toe Wrestling Championships in Ashbourne after seeing off 20 other competitors. Alan, of Westonfields, Weston Coyney, trains at the gym three times a week in order to keep himself fit.

He said: “There were quite a few new faces this time around. The sport is like arm wrestling, but you use your legs instead. However, it is harder than arm wrestling because you have to have strength in your whole body to be good at it.”

Derbyshire has hosted the 37th World Toe Wrestling Championship. Toe wrestlers from around the world are asked to put their best foot forward and compete for the coveted prize. Male and female competitors took off their socks at the Bentley Brook Inn in Fenny Bentley and locked big toes, trying to force their opponent’s digit to the floor over three rounds.–SS